Testimonials from our Alumni


Scotty Curlee, MBA, Professor of Cinematography, Liberty University

“Attending an Oasis school changed the whole direction of my life.  During my time in this school, I made some life-changing decisions that transformed the way I look at everything.  One of my greatest joys is being a part of the film-making industry whose productions have such an impact on the viewer that lives are challenged and changed for eternity.  It makes me happy to think that Malaysia will have a school like the one I attended; students will be transformed!”



Blake Weaver, MBA, Vice-President, Easly Transportation Company

“Teachers with this network do more than teach academic facts—they live in such a way that I wanted to be like them.  I got a great education at the Oasis school, but of far greater impact was the personal attention I received from my teachers.  I knew that they loved me, that they truly cared about me, and that they were committed to God; there is no way to truly measure how powerful that impact was on my life.”



Josephine M. Kim, Ph.D., LMHC, NCC, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

“Not only did the Oasis school give me a solid foundation for further academic pursuits, it was a model for me as to how powerful education can be when it is given in an environment where love prevails, morals and ethics are taught and practiced, and teachers are deeply committed to the success of their students in all aspects of life.  My life was eternally impacted because of my time as an Oasis student.”



Chulapat Puangsaroj, Pilot, Thai Airlines

“My family is a military family; our assignment took us out of Thailand where my brother and I enrolled in an Oasis school.  This school was unlike any school we had attended before, where the teachers really cared about their students—individually and as a whole; they modeled the kind of life I grew to embrace for myself.  I am eternally grateful!”