About This Project


Oasis has aspired to establish an international school in Malaysia since the mid-90’s, but God’s timing was not clear until recent years. Oasis put a team on the ground in 2011 to explore and plan this project—the largest endeavor ever undertaken by the Oasis network. A strategic partner was found in a large developer, IJM Corporation Berhad (IJM).  The developer agreed to build the facility (approximately $10 million) on a beautiful development called Bandar Rimbayu, and lease the property to Oasis until we are able to purchase the land and buildings at some point in the future. Our financial investment will include approximately $3 million in outfitting the building. This is the amount for which we need your help!

Construction has begun! August 2016 marked the beginning of site preparation and construction is underway.  The state-of-the-art facility is set to open in August 2018 (school information can be found here). The initial facility will house around 600 students, and initial enrollment is already projected to be around 350-400 students.  Our on-site staff confirms significant community interest in the school and project. 


How Your Gift is Used

The cost of outfitting the new campus is approximately $3 million. We need your help! By contributing to this project, you are placing desks into classrooms, putting equipment into the hands of teachers, placing textbooks in the arms of students, placing technological support throughout the facility, air-conditioning in otherwise unbearably hot rooms, putting books on the shelves of the library, giving teachers resources, furniture, and a well-equipped place to work. Most of all, you will be contributing to an environment where learning is optimized and your impact is maximized!

The Oasis network has set up a system whereby your gift will go directly to this project (100%) as a designated gift to the KL Project SEED Fund, then, once the school succeeds, the funds will be reinvested to be used over and over again for future projects! Your gift may indeed triple or quadruple in value in the next several years!


How is the Project Developing?

Pictures and updates are shown on our "PROGRESS" page!  Thank you for sharing in this project with us!